#10 Security SELF SEAL Business Envelope No Window, Premium Black Security Tint, White 24 LB 100/Box

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On our envelopes, we designed the security print ourselves in house. We found that most security envelopes on the market were useless and did not provide any kind of security at all.

We decided to make a print that would not reveal ANY of the contents no matter if it was just a check, or a small piece of paper or a thick stack of papers. We succeeded in creating the finest security tint on the market and copyrighted it.

We then found that the glue on other self-sealing envelopes were subpar, and would come unglued mid mailing. We use a strong glue that extends farther to the edge than many others on the market. The glue also is part of the security feature. It really doesn't matter if you have AWESOME security tint, if thieves can just open the envelope and reseal it, with none the wiser. Our glue is so strong, that if someone tries to open the envelope, either the envelope tears, or if the thief is "super careful", the envelope is so wrinkled, that it is obvious that it has been tampered with.

The 24 LB envelope paper is also of high quality paper pulp. Other brands use cheap paper that has a feel of cheapness to it. NOT OURS. We use only the highest quality of paper that is very opaque. Opacity comes from the least amount of "holes" in the paper. If you hold up cheap copy paper to a light, you will see big white splotches next to gray areas, but if you hold up high quality copy paper to the light, you will see very small white splotches next to the gray areas. Without all the white splotches, it makes for a more opaque paper.

We would like for you to try them out for yourself and see that ours are the only envelope brand you will ever need.

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Our #10 Security Tint Envelopes are a great value, everyday choice, with a number of key benefits:

  • - Large, windowless design measuring 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches.
  • - Professional security tint pattern protects sensitive information.
  • - Pre-gummed Peel & Seal strip creates a tough, secure seal.
  • - Compatible with most inkjet and laser printers for easy printing.
  • - Convenient 100 envelope supply!

If you're looking for the perfect security envelopes with professional security tint, and strong, Peel & Seal strips, in a great value 100 envelope supply, perfect for everyday use, our #10 Security Tint Envelopes are the perfect choice!

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