Causes We Support

                           US Army Veterans    US Marine Corps Veterans    US Air Force Veterans    US Navy Veterans    US Coast Guard Veterans


As a US Army Veteran owned company, we support our veterans. We give and support our veterans with donations, physical goods and services. We accept donations in bitcoin to help support our US Vets! Donate to this Bitcoin address and you will be supporting a wonderful rewarding cause! 90% of what is donated goes to our local vets. The other 10% goes to making sure that events go smoothly and the events are rendered how the Veterans deserve. Give today and change a Vets life! Whether a Vet is homeless or not, they all need to know someone cares and is there to help them. After all, they did sacrifice their time and a portion of their lives to making sure we are kept free! We want to thank them for their sacrifice and service!


You can give at this bitcoin address: